About St.Gabriel (Possenti) of the Sorrowful Virgin
Born as Francesco Possenti in Italy, St. Gabriel of the Sorrowful Virgin, also known as St. Gabriel Possenti, was known in his early days for being a fancy dresser, a fantastic dancer, a fabulous horseman, and an excellent marksman. When he announced that he was to become a monk of the passionist order, his friends and family did not believe him. In his youth, he became very ill and promised that if he got better, he would devote his life to God. He got better but quickly forgot his promise. He became ill again, made the same promise, became well, and again, forgot his promise. Afterwards, during a church procession, he saw a banner of Our Lady, Help of Christians, and Our Lady looked at him and said "Keep your promise". It was then that he then entered the Passionists. It has been said that St. Gabriel employed the martial skills that he learned in his youth to repell Garibaldi's mercenaries to keep the village where his monastery was located, safe. He dedicated his life to living the ideals of Our Lady and her Sorrows. St. Gabriel died at the early age of 24 and was cannonized just 50 years later. St. Gabriel showed true bravery in the face of danger while upholding the values of Our Lady. He was truly a brave and pious man.